Register Now!

Have a question about our registration system? Here are a few common questions:

  • I can’t log in with my YSC username and password. You are likely trying to use your Groupanizer login. This is a different software for registration, so you will need to create a new account.
  • I received an error message stating that my username/email is “reserved”. The system that we use is also used by a number of other organizations for registration. If your child is enrolled in Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics, Pegasus Gymnastics, Free House Dance, or another organization that uses the Amilia registration software, you already have an account. Please use the email and password that you use to register for those classes.
  • I can’t click on the “accept” button for the participation waiver. The “accept” button remains greyed out until you have scrolled to the bottom of the waiver, and for a few seconds after, to ensure that you have had time to read it. The button may also grey out if your screen zoom is set at something other than 100% – check your zoom and try again.
  • The screen goes grey or nothing happens when I click to add an emergency contact or to read the waiver. The pop-up box to add a parent or emergency contact or to read the waiver appears at the top of the screen. Scroll up to find it.
  • What does the service fee cover? The fee charged is based on the cost of each program — it covers the transaction fee for payments and the registration software, which is something that in the past, we’ve rolled into the cost of the programs or added onto each payment individually. This fee is the same whether you pay online or in person.
  • How can I set up installment payments? You need to choose installments at the beginning of your registration process — when you select a program for each individual singer, it will give you the option of paying in full or setting up a payment plan.
  • What I have a question or a concern about my deposit? Register and choose the “pay in full” option, and when you check out, choose “pay in person.” Give us a call at the office, and we’ll help you walk through the payment options and set up your deposit and payment plan.