Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Younger performers do not audition for Youth Singers of Calgary

Younger performers participate in a placement interview.

We understand that style, vocal range and previous experience are all unique attributes to every performer. To ensure you’re placed in the appropriate class, we need to hear you sing! Please prepare a song of your choice to sing at your interview. You can do it without music (a cappella), bring sheet music or an ipod track.

To book an interview for participants Grade 4 and up, please call (403-234-9549) or email the office.

Youth Singers programs focus on singing with secondary considerations of dance and performances

We focus on a choral experience complimented by dance and theatrical elements.

Personal development through the performing arts

At Youth Singers of Calgary, students develop their self-confidence, discipline, self-esteem, leadership capacity and teamwork skills.

Our programs are focused on learning the performing arts by improving reading skills, concentration, memorization and focus.

Surround by a trusted peer group and encouraged by mentors, we see youth transform from reluctant or timid performers into robust, focused and enthusiastic individuals.


Fees are due annually and can be found on individual division pages under the “Enroll Now” tab.

Tuition includes:

–  Coaching by an accomplished team of over 40 music and performing arts education directors, choreographers and support network

–  Opportunities to compete and perform globally

–  Multiple, local performances annually

–  Leadership development; student-led initiatives and projects

–  Performing arts career development opportunities; progression from student to coach


–  Time commitment; extra rehearsals, classes and shows:

Depending on which division you are in, time commitment can run from 45 minutes per week at the beginner divisions, all the way up to 3 hours and 15 minutes per week for our more advanced divisions.

Core divisions have weekend workshops 5 time per year which span most of the weekend.

More information on time commitment will be included in our registration forms an on our members calendar.

–  Volunteer time:

Depending on which division you are in, volunteer time ranges from a zero commitment to a 60 hour/year commitment. We have many opportunities for individuals to volunteer in many different capacities.

Special needs youth

STAR (Special Talents in Arts and Recreation) is a new and interactive experience that allows children age 8 to young adult with cognitive delays to participate in a tailored program that uses music, movement and instruments to further benefit their current abilities and strengths in the performing arts. STAR aims to develop a love for music and dance in a safe, stimulating and fun environment.