After a very successful work shop weekend at Youth Singers for our up coming show “Quest for the Heart Song” (which you should all come see) I came to the realization that the only place I truly want to be and belong is there. – Izaha Cochran (SENIOR HI)


After asking permission to write a testimonial for Youth Singers of Calgary, I must admit, I have been procrastinating on doing so for an entire month; however, this procrastination has not been for reasons one may think. Ultimately, what it has come down to, is that in the four short months I have been in Youth Singers, the program has been so influential in my life that I can’t find words powerful enough within our language to describe what it has truly done for me. I have been in University studying to get my Bachelor of Music Performance degree and over the last 6 years, music has become a monotonous drudgery that lacked the zest and appeal that it used to hold in my life, prior to my “formal classical training.” Youth Singers has been inspiring in the truest sense, as it has rekindled my fiery passion and love for music and the arts. The experiences that they provide to their members are utterly life changing! I attribute these experiences to the astounding staff members who truly care about nurturing a nation of people who love music. Youth Singers is not only producing competent and skilled musicians, they are producing a generation of music makers who are truly passionate about pursing the discipline. Coming from an extensive musical background, I can speak to the fact that this is the first program I have encountered that focuses its members fostering a love for music that will last a lifetime. Thank you Youth Singers of Calgary for changing my life and rekindling my love of music! Additionally, thank you for providing first class opportunities and introducing me to acting, something that I was not aware I had such a deep passion for! The experiences you have given me in these few short months have been utterly invaluable, and I look forward to continuing in the program for many, many, many years to come! – Cassandra Martin (ACT3)

We have been thrilled to watch the YSC development over more than 25 years. The enthusiasm of the performers, the skill and leadership of the artistic staff and the dedication of the office staff have combined to make the YSC a first class organization. We have watched the growth in skill, confidence and leadership of so many youth over the years and we’re proud of you all!! – Dave & Gwen Thompson (Alumni & Staff Parents)

I just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it is to be involved with such an amazing group of people. The show yesterday was fantastic! I don’t know if you truly understand the impact those performances have on your audience because you are probably so focussed on getting the job done, you don’t have time to come up for air. But every time I watch our performers, it takes my breath away. You and the rest of the staff and the volunteers behind the scenes are incredible and you produce an incredible product. It’s so much more than singing and dancing. It is the confidence and pure joy of the performers on stage that really shine through and the realization that it all comes from a foundation of dedicated, talented, resourceful, respectful, caring mentors and supporters. Thank you for yesterday and I hope everyone of you has a very Merry Christmas! – Cari Chernichen (YSC Board of Directors)

I started Youth Singers when I was 12 years old. Before that I was an overweight girl who had zero self esteem and was very shy. I always had a dream though. I wanted to sing and dance and act like the people I saw on TV and at stage shows. I never believed I was good enough until I joined the Youth Singers of Calgary in 2003.
It’s been 10 years since that first rehearsal in KIDZXPRESS and I have made life long friends, learned so much, met the man of my dreams, and am now attending the Randolph Academy of Performing Arts in Toronto. My directors and choreographers at Youth Singers were always so supportive of me and I can’t thank them enough for that. My dream is going to come true someday and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the Youth Singers of Calgary I would not be who I am today.
Youth Singers has been the one place I truly call home no matter where I am in the world. THANK YOU! – Cassandra  Clifford (ACT3 alumni)

The best part about being in Youth Singers is learning to put on a good show, pleasing an audience and the chance to represent our city and country. I have learned to work as part of a group as well as how to dance, have strengthened my singing talent and ability to perform. I feel confident expressing my talents in public, and because of this I have confidence in many other aspects of my life; at home, school, at my job, everywhere. Youth Singers is fun, energetic and entertaining. – Brett M. (ACT3 & ONCUE alumni)

Youth Singers has opened so many doors for me and given me a look into my future. I handle people and situations better now that I have confidence and motivation. In Youth Singers we have the opportunity to travel the world, make life long friendships, and perform in front of thousands of people each year. How much better can life get? My duty as a member of Youth Singers is to give all I’ve got, be respectful of others, to be a strong leader, and hopefully instill as many goals in others as I have for myself. – Amanda C. (19th year, SHINE)

Whether it is the amazing relationships I’ve formed, the role models I’ve met, the inspirational people surrounding me or the pure love of entertaining, Youth Singers is an addiction. When I’m here I never want to leave! Youth Singers has inspired me so much, it has encouraged me to follow my dreams and reach my full potential. When I’m at Youth Singers I can be myself, I can truly relax and depend on my individuality to guide me. – Maggie H. (10th year, ACT3 & SHINE)

Youth Singers helps you grow as a person, not just a performer. The bonds and friendships that you develop over one year are incredible! Everybody is so supportive and encouraging, and it makes you feel like a million dollars every time you step into the room. – Stephanie B. (Alumni)